Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 1

Just hanging out in my aunt's living room and watching Jersey Shore while surfing online for cool cake recipes. I found one called Mafioso Chocolate Cake. I'm planning a special thing this weekend for my boyfriend and his friends. I just bought a brand new apron that makes me look like a damn 50's housewife and I can't wait to wear it. So far I'm a little confident in myself after a succesful attempt at making maple scones, devil's food chocolate cake, and banana cake. This one is going to hopefully blow that shit out of the water. Just a quick little first post to help me decide where this little blog of mine is going. Stay tuned for funny stories, updates on the college path, recipes, and baking experiences. Leave comments and questions to let me know how I'm doing. Looking forward to blogging with you guys. :)